Interesting and hunger driven series we have here. Both these teams have been irrelevant in the NBA for some time and now the time has come for them to show the league what they possess. Unfortunately they have to play each other. Raptors have taken all 3 of the series regular season games and ride into the playoffs with a franchise best season. Great tandem guard play from Kyle Lowry and Greivis Vasquez pose threats to any defense. Both these guys can score, shoot threes, and dish the ball out quite efficiently. Demar Derozan at the 2 guard can score 25 on any given night and plays defense quite well. Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas square the middle off and Amir is a rebounder and volatile defender toward opposing teams Add Tyler Hansborough off the bench Terrence Ross and this team has quite the little squad working for them. On the other side of the table we have a Wizards team who is also ending its own playoff drought. This team is interesting, they score in bunches and can get it from all types of players, but can they outscore their defense, that is the statement being made. When you have an arsenal of weapons such as Wall, Beal, Gortat, Nene and Ariza, you are going to get successful offensive results. Ariza has always been a good defender and John Wall can steal the ball pretty good. Bradley Beal has not blossomed into a fine defender although it is early in his career. Gortat and Nêne are a sure presence in the post and can rebound and play strong defense with most teams. I give Toronto a slight edge on winning the series because of their depth and overall strength but Wizards’ fast breaks and  three point shooting need to be consistent in order for them to win no doubt. Final Prediction for the Series is 4-2 Raptors based on strength, team chemistry and focus. Wizards are to young with Wall and Beal shouldering a load. Ariza also going to need to play primetime.