Heat x Pacers game 4 Second half prediction

  Yes, Lebron and Bosh are going off right now combining for 32 of the Heat’s 49 points. Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert have 3 fouls apiece and sat chunks of time on the bench in the first half. But somehow, the Pacers are only down by 5. If Paul George and David West keep rolling and Wade struggles, Indiana can steal this one but a lot has to go right. At the point guard position George Hill needs to make a presence shown and CJ Watson must facilitate when he comes off the bench . The X factor for the Pacers in the second half will be Lance Stephenson, his defense, attitude and physical play will help power the Pacers moving forward in this game. Indiana needs to get to the free throw line and get some key Miami players in foul trouble. Most importantly, of they can keep Bosh and Wade at bay and contain LeBron somewhat they can steal this one. 




To me it was uneasy and rather undecided to give a legitimate reason what the prediction of the Pacers and Hawks series would be. This next Heat and Bobcats series is a little bit more predictable but still has some worries for the defending champs. The bobcats are 8-2 in their last 10 games and Al Jefferson is playing lights out basketball. Kemba Walker is still an exciting ball player that can dish and drive and loves the big moments so this will be his chance to prove himself yet again. Al Jeffersons post game is top 3 in the NBA and the Heat have subpar to decent guys who can bang in the paint with him, he could really be a nuisance. He has the ability to drop 30 points and grab 15 boards a game; he is just a pure beast in the post. His supporting cast will have to coincide with him and help him out. This includes role player such as Josh McRoberts, Douglas Roberts, Bismayck Biyombo, and off guards such as Gerald Henderson and Gary Neal. This Charlotte team has played awesome defense throughout the whole year and play well at home, the thing it comes down to is inexperience and nerves from your core players. Granted Wade has been hurt most of the year and rested on numerous occasions, the Heat are still beatable and if they contain Lebron James they could make a series out of it. When it is all said and done I think the Heat however win 4-1, with Bobcats taking a game at home for good measure. 

Knicks No More

There was just over seven minutes left in the Sunday matinee of Knicks and Heat down in Miami, and Spero Dedes shouts over the airwaves “Knicks within 7,” shouting it on top of his lungs as if they won a championship, let alone a playoff game! With that being said I am stressing a couple concerns. I vow to always keep myself professional even if I do not agree with a team or the way things are run. In this case, it is a mirage when Dedes shouts out over the airwaves in his used car salesman voice to project the Knicks are only down 7! Well, turns out this team is capable of being right back where they started, which was 14 points very quickly, and ended up losing by eleven. I understand Knicks are down and looking for playoff push and every team is entitled to a little bias when playing, but the way Dedes projected his voice fueled me to write this article. This piece does not harp on Dedes whatsoever, it harps on the false sense of hope that was in his voice when he yelled “Knicks down seven!” Lets face it, this team has been on a roll since the ASB, and Carmelo has single handedly put this team back on the map, but only the eighth spot is available due to their terrible start to the year. With the Atlanta Hawks win today over the lowly Pacers, the Knicks are now two games behind them with four to play. The Knicks remaining schedule includes a home and away game against Toronto which is playing some quality ball of late and are playoff bound. The last two are a home against the defensive juggernaut Bulls and a Brooklyn Nets team which they dismantled in MSG couple nights ago. I see them going 1 maybe 2-4 in this span meaning they need Atlanta to lose four, five or maybe all six of their remaining games which include 4 home games and an away game against league worst Milwaukee. Even if the Knicks manage this downhill sprint to the finish it would be an almost automatic bid for the Heat to take them out in four straight. Say what you will about Knicks announcers and radio personality about the Knicks giving the Heat troubles during the season and what not but do not think for a second that the Heat want to play any more than four games against this mediocre team we call the Knicks. For once I would love a majority of the New York media to check out their “tough guy” attitude at the door and just be humble about their teams losing and not living up to expectations. Don La Greca and Michael Kay however accept the fact this team has no room for improvement this year and have gained my respect as NY radio personnel that speak the truth !

No Lebron, No problem?

Just got the news that Bron’ Bron’ will not be suiting up against the Bulls today. Had he decided to play I think the rough and tough Bulls would still get after his nose even with a mask on. The Bulls are a extremely physical team with rugged post players like Boozer and Noah. Gibson gets you points on or off the bench and hustles hard to crash the glass. Point guard situation for the Bulls is questionable with DJ Augustin at the helm. He plays well and reminds me of a 2 guard turned PG, think Westbrook but less athletic. Coach Tom Thibodeau always hypes his team up and the added Noah factor and his hatred toward Miami could propel them moving ahead in this game. Dwayne Wade will need to be big time today but will his knees allow him to do so? Bosh is consistent but they might need a 30 point game from him. In this game I like the Bulls depth and aggressive attitude to win and it all comes down to the Heat bench and finding a playmaker other than Lebron James. If it’s close I like the Bulls and if it’s a shoot out maybe lean toward Miami. Regardless I expect Noah to have an emotional and maybe a triple double game. Boozer will add in his 15 points 8 rebounds and look for Dunleavy and Hinrich to quietly play smart basketball. Hoping for a physical game which I presume will happen and a Bulls victory. Check back for the postgame recap after!




Well as I mentioned earlier in the preview, Bosh would have to score 30, he had 28, and Wade needed to play above his knee injury, which he also did. The two combined for most of the Heat offense, over 50%! Noah had the big game as expected with 20 points and 15 rebounds, but the team shot 32%, horrific! Snell, Augustin, and Hinrich combined 6-30 from the field. I said in the preview that DJ would need a nice game, he proved way off. It was another double double for Taj Gibson and Boozer was quiet (only 8 shots). Overall it was the two big stars from Miami that won the game and the struggles for Chicago keep dwelling on and on.