Well what an exciting few hours of tennis it has been…syke! Absolutely on the edge of my seat for the Nadal vs Dolgopolov matchup and Camilla Giorgi dethroning Sharapova. Just in case people don’t know I enjoy gambling as a safe hobby and fun thing to do. So as a lover of sports and an aspiring journalist, I do like to gamble. Now, lets look at the prematch odds for my parlay I dove into. I took Giorgi in a separate bet to win 2-1 set at +750, threw a dollar on it and won. Now the interesting thing is that she was in my group of death parlay which included her at +450, Dolgopolov at +465 and my girl Sloane “Smooth” Stephens at +120 against Ivanovic. To cut to the chase I threw the one dollar down and not much needed to be said, it netted me 81$!! Now it was not luck because let me tell you why. As an avid tennis fan I dissect players games and always look to see if they are in form, never go with a favorite just because they have won over a dozen grand slams, aka NADAL! Dolgopolov has been playing really well this year and his NASA like forehands ad a tremendous force to his unorthodox but powerful game. He simply took the risks nobody likes to take and beat Nadal at his own game which was POWER. Awesome phenomenal match to watch and be apart of, monetary wise haha! Now Giorgi has the body of an angel and tenacity of a lion, she has it all going for her. Got a chance to see her at the beginning of her peak last year at US OPEN. What a woman, who knew wit that tiny frame of hers would be so much power and flat pure speed off the raquet. I love her game and I don’t wish anyone harm but Sharapova became arrogant towards the end having a challenge issued against her, and she knows she put her arm up to challenge, not to sulk. Anyways great match! Thirdly I needed Smooth Stephens to beat Ivanovic. Sloane is awesome but is still young and mentally sometimes not in it. All the tools to be a #1 player she just needs to get mentally stronger. Ivanovic on the other hand is a crafty gal whose looks are as good as her game, quite stunning. The match was boring at times where both ladies were being broken off serve multiple times and lots of unforced errors. Ivanovic has sneaky power for her thin frame but makes lots of errors and her serve is not the best. Sloane won the first set tie break and made it difficult to watch but her hard hitting forehand and backhand strokes proved the difference. All in all what a great parlay and event to be apart of and lots was learned today, UNDERDOGS CAN THRIVE!giorgi bnp