Daily Slate Opening Word

The World of Sport is a great place. It is a place for cheering, jeering, and ultimate loyalty. Growing up in the Bay Area supporting the A’s, Warriors and Raiders I have yet to see a championship won by any of them, but what keeps me a fan of my team is the irreplaceable immortal love I have for them. Sport is a great thing and being able to write and give analysis and opinion about is even BETTER in my opinion. I have been involved in playing and debating sports for quite some time and am now taking the opportunity to create a site of my own where I can add and give new light to sport. This blog is of daily use and will include new and interesting articles and opinions of hot topics around in sport as well as bold predictions and analysis of games from around the world. Covered in this blog will included MLB, NBA, NFL, college football and basketball, Tennis and Soccer. I might go out of my way every blue moon and write about Hockey or Golf, but it simply does not get my engine going on a daily basis. Of my analysis, opinion and predictions I also offer my daily picks of match ups that I pick out and choose a winner. Once again, thank you for visiting my site and commenting and reblog will be much appreciated. Keep the wheel rolling, one pedal at a time. ENJOY AS WE CONTINUE TO SHARE AND SPREAD IDEAS AND KNOWLEDGE ON THE WORLD OF SPORT!



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