We all know it has been over 8 years almost 9 since Arsenal have lifted any sort of silverware. Although they have been consistent in making UCL virtually every year, it seems they are content, the players that is, in just being in contention every year. Winning the league has been near impossible due to the spending likes of Manchester City and consistent play of Man Utd and Chelsea. Up until this year though, things seemed like the streak drought would continue for Arsenal’s silverware chances. They were leaders for a good while in the league table up until late. In their last five they have managed just one win, which brings them into Wembley with no great form to rely on. But a fire burns inside for Arsene Wenger, longtime manager and believer of Arsenal, that they can win this game and move onto the final. The odds look good from far away but Wigan Athletic won this cup last year even though they are without their great coach Roberto Martinez. They are back again but are also in poor form. Wigan is still in contention of getting promoted but they also have only one win in their last five. I think it is time for Arsenal to rise to the occasion and take this opportunity because based on the last 8 years we do not know if it is possible they can make it back again to a stage like this! 


Arsenal wins and over 2.5 goals 


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