Knicks No More

There was just over seven minutes left in the Sunday matinee of Knicks and Heat down in Miami, and Spero Dedes shouts over the airwaves “Knicks within 7,” shouting it on top of his lungs as if they won a championship, let alone a playoff game! With that being said I am stressing a couple concerns. I vow to always keep myself professional even if I do not agree with a team or the way things are run. In this case, it is a mirage when Dedes shouts out over the airwaves in his used car salesman voice to project the Knicks are only down 7! Well, turns out this team is capable of being right back where they started, which was 14 points very quickly, and ended up losing by eleven. I understand Knicks are down and looking for playoff push and every team is entitled to a little bias when playing, but the way Dedes projected his voice fueled me to write this article. This piece does not harp on Dedes whatsoever, it harps on the false sense of hope that was in his voice when he yelled “Knicks down seven!” Lets face it, this team has been on a roll since the ASB, and Carmelo has single handedly put this team back on the map, but only the eighth spot is available due to their terrible start to the year. With the Atlanta Hawks win today over the lowly Pacers, the Knicks are now two games behind them with four to play. The Knicks remaining schedule includes a home and away game against Toronto which is playing some quality ball of late and are playoff bound. The last two are a home against the defensive juggernaut Bulls and a Brooklyn Nets team which they dismantled in MSG couple nights ago. I see them going 1 maybe 2-4 in this span meaning they need Atlanta to lose four, five or maybe all six of their remaining games which include 4 home games and an away game against league worst Milwaukee. Even if the Knicks manage this downhill sprint to the finish it would be an almost automatic bid for the Heat to take them out in four straight. Say what you will about Knicks announcers and radio personality about the Knicks giving the Heat troubles during the season and what not but do not think for a second that the Heat want to play any more than four games against this mediocre team we call the Knicks. For once I would love a majority of the New York media to check out their “tough guy” attitude at the door and just be humble about their teams losing and not living up to expectations. Don La Greca and Michael Kay however accept the fact this team has no room for improvement this year and have gained my respect as NY radio personnel that speak the truth !


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