Not so Fierce

  Well here is a team only 6 games out today of the final 8th spot, but chances are they will not make it. Reason being? No defense what so ever. We talked earlier about most of the bottom Wetern Conference teams who can score but cannot defend, add the T-Wolves to the list. This team is fourth in the NBA in scoring, seventh in assists and sixth in rebounding. Kevin Love is MVP threat any year and has made a juggernaut out of himself by adding assists to his game. Rubio has shown himself as a scoring threat but is still a pass first point guard and with that he automatically makes himself a threat even more. Kevin Martin adds twenty points a game and Corey Brewer around 13. Pekovic has been labeled by the league as the fiercest and strongest guy. He can bang with anyone in the league and most importantly he is an efficient scorer. So I did some research on some of Minnesota’s losses and they have lost 7 games by five or less, which goes a little far to say they are still inexperienced and cannot close out games. What it also said was that they have lost 11 games by 10 or more points, an astounding number by the 4th best scoring team in the NBA. This shows purely that defense is their struggle. Sad to see another talented team in the Western conference have a great scoring record but poor defense and double digit losses on their mark. Here is a scary stat that will prove this mark, 23 of their 33 wins have been by 10 or more. This team is soo hit or miss it is not even funny! Rick Adelman has been around for awhile and knows the NBA inside and out, it seems that teams with too much overall talent have trouble exception the Heat, because Lebron Wade and Bosh just click perfect and Lebron is the best in the NBA overall as of today. Contract wise they are one of the most largest salaried team at 68 million dollars a year. Kevin Love earns almost $15 million and his dues are up after the 2015-2016 season. I am sure the front office would like to see him stay but he has a big say on what he wants. Sure he could stick around and be the best player on this team and average 30 and 15 every night and be a sure first ballot hall of fame player. I think there is more to Love though, he shows in his body language and game that he is a winner and wants to win. The Wolves though definitely pay way too much for their players for a team that maybe will not make the playoffs this year with 16 games left and 6 out of the eighth spot. He might man up and ask for a trade and many teams will be willing to shelve out a lot for Love. I am thinking a couple options; possibly some high caliber players plus draft picks or just good players all around in exchange for Kevin. No matter what Love will hopefully end up where he wants but if the Wolves decide to go draft pick then they look like they are in trouble. Rubio and Pekovic do not have what it takes personally do do damage. There are plenty of teams in the NBA though who would take some of the bench players that Minnesota has in order for them to clear cap room and decide to bring someone in for Love to mingle with. The team needs defense though and even with the fourth highest record in the NBA, they can’t escape their defensive demons without some changes. 



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