Trouble in the Big Easy

 Well then, another team who can score 100 but give up 103. No need to bore you with irrelevant stats we already know. Let us cut to the chase. Starting with the coach, Monty Williams, this team will get nowhere with him and I believe a good percentage he will be axed in the off season. This is his fourth year coaching and his first year he went 46-36 with two wins in a opening round playoff loss. After that it has been 20 something wins and forty plus losses a year. Let us take a watch at who this team has to propel it and figure out if Williams is the problem. Starting at the point guard position they have had a sad season losing Jrue Holiday, Holiday is a 20 8 assist a night kind of guy. Filling the void has been Brian Roberts who is above average point guard and has held his own this year, averaging about 10 points and a couple assists. Then you have Eric Gordon at shooting guard who is hit or miss if you ask me. I have had the chance to see this young man play and he has had career years of scoring 20 points a game, but his shots have been limited due to the emergence of ‘Tone Davis. Gordon is a major disappointment though, he is just too trigger happy and does not provide this team with a lot of firepower based on his hit or miss capabilities. He can score 30 one night  then 12 the next, his shooting fg% is just hovering in the low 40s this year and for his career. Pelicans definitely need to think of ridding him, he costs them 13$ million a year!  Backup Austin Rivers is a work in progress and will probably never amount to anything more than a work in progress. I bashed his decision to come out of Duke after a year and I will continue to ride that notion until he proves otherwise. He had freakish athletic skills in high school and college, but his small frame (needs to get stronger) and overall hoop IQ is too low. SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN SCHOOL! One thing Monty Williams did not do well was look at Tyreke Evans. Man oh man I am gonna harp on this for a good minute. Tyreke was hugely successful in his first couple years at Sacramento, scoring and dishing as an oversized guard. He is now running a smaller, and less notable forward role in Williams’ system. Too much is being focused and put on the shoulders of Anthony Davis. Sure he is a freak of nature due to his size and defensive presence but he still has room to improve and build a stronger frame. Tyreke would have at least put them as a more attractive and free flowing team by him running the point. He is a great passer and rebounder but his abilities were taken away from him not playing a larger role. Plain and simple, if his role is downsized by any means, then he might as well be traded or be labeled “insignificant.” Paying 2.2 million for Stiemsma is wacked out, cannot believe it, 2 points and 4 rebounds a game, for what? At 4 million its Aminu, who is a player i actually like. Off the bench or starting he gives you 7 points and 6 rebounds a game. It is what it is in this league, but if New Orleans wants to win they will have to reorganize their roster and hope Ryan Anderson and Jrue Holiday show up next year. Also Gordon and Evans need larger roles and with Davis this team can be good.


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