Spurs Lakers Prop night for Wednesday the 19th of March



   At 10:30pm eastern time, the Spurs of San Antonio take on the Fake(Lake) Show. Here tonight is some reasons one should bet on the player props for this game. For one I have a 65% winning percentage on over 400 player prop bets I have placed in the NBA. Secondly, I will not charge for you for my tips as they are free and I offer them to you as a gift! Thirdly the matchup. Tonight we have a veteran consistent Western conference powerhouse going against the “Lowly Lakers.” Kobe said he was surprised that Phil Jackson went to NY to take the job rather than wait for a LA job to open up again. The Lakers are miserable wether playing at home or on the road. So here is actually a player prop I like tonight, is Jodie Meeks. He can light it up from outside and has been a reliable Laker to put points on the board. At 16.5 points I am taking the over. He will do well tonight. Not sure if I truly want to pick Gasol tonight, only because he is rather inconsistent and the Spurs defense is big time in the paint, especially with Gasol who complains more than he scores. I like Gasol don’t get me wrong, but Kobe is right he is kinda soft. Moving on to the Spurs side I like Parker over 18 points and seven assists. Kawhi Leonard over 20.5 rebound and points. CHANGE I AM TAKING GASOL POINTS OVER 19 AND REBOUNDS TONIGHT, I FEEL HE WILL GET SUBSTANTIAL MINUTES IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE SOMEWHAT IN THE GAME. Also taking Mr. Fundamental over 23.5 rebound and points. That is is for tonight good luck and god bless.


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