Laker Love? Not likely: Laker Season Review and offseason tasks

   I have no mercy to show to a franchise so big time and prime-time and all time such as the Los Angeles Lakers. A Hollywood scripted franchise where movie stars flood the seats and fans pay for overpriced and inflated rate tickets, I am giving myself permission to go off on the Lakers. With all the Kobe hype and what not that brews every time someone speaks of the Lakers, this team seriously has issues. Even with Kobe this team at best is a squeak by 8th seed in a powerhouse conference. As a passionate, die hard Warriors fan I always give teams the benefit of the doubt and take the positives but always report fair and honest facts. That being said, this team is nothing but overpriced salaries and contracts, and people and fans still holding on to the Shaq and Kobe, or Kobe, Pau and Bynum days. Who was the coach during that time? Right it was Phil Jackson, who know takes his throne at the helm of the Knicks, best of luck Phil. Mike Brown could not help this team and the organization made a fool out of themselves by hiring Mike Dantoni only a week or so after the start of the season. Dantoni cannot coach, his offensive juggernaut mentality has not won him anything and lots of critics such as myself have put him into a category going far as saying he simply does not belong a head coach in the NBA. There is no excuse for the second worst record in the league. If any coach can win, and be hired for a big time club such as LA Lakers, there is no excuse. At least give us a .500 season, not even that is going to happen this year. That being said with your point guard being a platoon of Nash (hurt) Kendall Marshall, and Jordan Farmar, nothing terrible but Dantoni could not get it going this year. Granted the coach can only do so much, front office and injury play a big part. So Nash and Kobe are out, understandable, but this team literally could be so much better. Nick Young, Pau Gasol, Marshall, Meeks are all starting players anywhere else so what happened? First off the bench stinks. Robert Sacre is terrible, awful player. Ryan Kelly has shown promise just needs to get tougher. Wes Johnson and Xavier Henry need to leave, both are college stars but NBA busts. Jordan Hill is average, but someone I would enjoy on my team, he hustles and plays hard. Kaman, please do not get me started. Kaman is a slow non athletic center getting paid 3$ million this year. It just boggles my mind how Sacre ($782,000/yr.) and others are getting this much money, makes me sick but also reminds me to not think about it because the NBA is a business and if you don’t perform you will be fired! Some players who shall not be named better have a good investment or retiring plan, or a college degree and get back to school once this season ends. It has come to this point where I feel the need to go off on this mirage of a franchise. All that once was is now lost in the Laker land. Talking contracts now let’s just look at a couple of them before this gets out of hand (as if it is not already). So we talked Sacre contract and his contribution and how we hope he has a college degree or good investment plan. Well, where do we start? Nash, 9$ million a year, the guy is 40 and you think he and Kobe are gonna do it? I choose not to elaborate such an idea such as this, simply put. They traded mid season for Marshon Brooks, 1.2$ million, once again nothing I will say that can argue this terrible contract for the good. Gasol at 19$ million does not surprise me and he is still a good player that can do a double double every night. Hill and Kaman both 3$ million each, 6$ million for these guys a year? Huge reconsider this coming offseason. Nick Young and Meeks should stay put, I like them they can score but not really defend, something to consider the Lakers were 29th in the league this year and 12th in scoring offense. Dantoni’s presence at 12th best scoring is okay but he should have known Kobe will be gone for awhile and Nash being as old as he is, his plan should be reorganized to a defensive mindset. That clearly was not the case, Dantoni very easily cannot be considered a good coach in this league just caring about offense. So as the end of my rant about the Lakers ends here is what needs to change this coming offseason. A good  draft pick, hopefully someone at the power forward or center spot needs to happen first. Bad contracts and trades need to happen to the players I mentioned before. Lastly, Dantoni must leave and not be given another chance because regardless this team will have no heart and everyone will continue to shoot and not play defense. He has not proven himself and if LA wants to live up to its hype, they will be smart and follow these offseason tasks. 



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