Melo is not Mellow

Listen man, Carmelo is one hell of a talent of a ball player but he needs to stop lying and get out of Dodge (NYC) asap. The guy is the definition of “me” ball and no wonder his stats sheet is packed every night with a career high in rebounds this year. Even Van Gundy quoted today that the Knicks play best when he runs the floor. HA! So if the Knicks have a shot every night he is the answer at pg? This whole team is a mess and it’s unfortunate I have to listen to all the miserable Knick fans and believers of them still having an outside shot at a 8 seed in Playoffs. There’s no way this team makes it. To be honest the locker room has given up on their coach. Poor Woody should be fired but it is kind of his fault. He has this delusional lineup of sending Prigioni, Felton at 1-2 guard then having shumpert at 3…Carmelo was D up by Butler today outstandingly I loved seeing him pester Melo. It’s just crazy because Melo was my favorite player when he entered the League. He had the corn row braids and was having fun in Denver. Granted it did not get him very far in the postseason but he looks miserable and has hit a career low. We can say what we want about his ability to score and what not, but that’s not gonna cut it with this Knick squad. They really need a complete makeover and it starts with him leaving. Heck Paul George can score but he’s not doing it by himself, he has a supporting cast around him. I’m content in saying there is no chance Melo wins a ring in NY, it’s inevitable. He needs to leave and have a supporting cast that want to win as well. It bugs me knowing the Knicks get primetime games because of their brand of being a metropolitan NY team. Very sad explanation, the best teams should be on televised tv…I mean is one really gonna stick around after at one point in Sundays game vs Chicago the Knicks had 1 point in the first quarter. This team is finished and I wish the best for them and Melo or cause you don’t wanna see a New Yorker fan who is already on edge, have to deal with the slumping franchise the Knicks call themselves. *No malcontent or harm toward anyone mentioned in this article.


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