Month: February 2014

No Lebron, No problem?

Just got the news that Bron’ Bron’ will not be suiting up against the Bulls today. Had he decided to play I think the rough and tough Bulls would still get after his nose even with a mask on. The Bulls are a extremely physical team with rugged post players like Boozer and Noah. Gibson gets you points on or off the bench and hustles hard to crash the glass. Point guard situation for the Bulls is questionable with DJ Augustin at the helm. He plays well and reminds me of a 2 guard turned PG, think Westbrook but less athletic. Coach Tom Thibodeau always hypes his team up and the added Noah factor and his hatred toward Miami could propel them moving ahead in this game. Dwayne Wade will need to be big time today but will his knees allow him to do so? Bosh is consistent but they might need a 30 point game from him. In this game I like the Bulls depth and aggressive attitude to win and it all comes down to the Heat bench and finding a playmaker other than Lebron James. If it’s close I like the Bulls and if it’s a shoot out maybe lean toward Miami. Regardless I expect Noah to have an emotional and maybe a triple double game. Boozer will add in his 15 points 8 rebounds and look for Dunleavy and Hinrich to quietly play smart basketball. Hoping for a physical game which I presume will happen and a Bulls victory. Check back for the postgame recap after!




Well as I mentioned earlier in the preview, Bosh would have to score 30, he had 28, and Wade needed to play above his knee injury, which he also did. The two combined for most of the Heat offense, over 50%! Noah had the big game as expected with 20 points and 15 rebounds, but the team shot 32%, horrific! Snell, Augustin, and Hinrich combined 6-30 from the field. I said in the preview that DJ would need a nice game, he proved way off. It was another double double for Taj Gibson and Boozer was quiet (only 8 shots). Overall it was the two big stars from Miami that won the game and the struggles for Chicago keep dwelling on and on.


Lake Show and Celtics Friday night preview/prediction

Steve Blake’s courageous bench efforts will no longer be needed for the diminishing Lakers. I could go on and on about the teams’ struggles but we have an exciting game on hand here tonight. Great point guard matchup between king dime (rondo) and baby dime (Marshall). Should be exciting in that respective matchup. No Kobe as given, but return of Pau Gasol will be much needed as he is a double double threat every night. Very surprised they did not trade him. No nick young or Xavier Henry still and Nash is day by day, given the guy is 40! Enough about the Lakers though. Celtics have a reprised Rondo and a solid team around him. Avery Bradley can help him with minutes and Gerald Wallace can give you intangibles, like a lesser version of Nico Batum of the Blazers. Brandon Bass has quietly been an offensive threat and I love his game. He hustles on D and is just excited to be on the floor every night, much respect. Sullinger is game time after an ankle roll and if he can’t go the game could be tighter. I like Olynyk off the in his replacement. Could be close down the stretch and a little Staple Center magic could propel the Lakers who are abysmal on O. My overall gut tells me Celtics win and Jeff Green and Rondo propel the offense. Oh and btw, Kendall Marshall will have his usual double digit assist. Enjoy my
friends recap to follow the end result !


While I left to go to the gas station at the end of the third, the Lakers managed to score their last 44 points FROM THE BENCH! Celtics outscored by 20 points in the fourth and let guys like Kent Bazemore and Marshon Brooks get loose. No Bryant , no problem? I don’t know, the celtics are still rebuilding with first year coach Brad Stevens and need more offensive pieces. Brandon Bass enjoyed a 20 point night and as predicted Rondo covered by 16.5 assist rebound total. We did lose the matchup but both these teams are mediocre and props and street cred to the east coast people who watched this mediocre game.

Final “correct” Super Bowl Prediction

So the day is upon us and I have to give my prediction as a devoted and dedicated sports writer. Let’s keep it clean, quick and simple. Lynch will the best player on Seattle offense with maybe 120 yards rushing. Russell Wilson is throwing at least a INT and not over 230 yards passing. Now to the Broncos. Manning puts up 3 TDs and over 320 yards. Moreno and Ball account for 100 yards together which is perfect for Manning. Broncos win by 10 points at least and Manning retires with 2 rings and a first ballot HOF.