Super Bowl Prediction: Where the weather won’t matter

Okay, it’s the granddaddy game of the season regardless of how many good games there were this season and postseason. Respectively, both these teams should be here and deserve to be here. The main storyline is “best offense vs best defense.” While that remains to be seen, it is a collective team effort that got these teams here, not just the offense or defense’s majority of quality play. Peyton Manning did have a HOF caliber season with touchdown and yard records, at his age very impressive. He continues to play lights out at the tender age of 37. He seems to be well on his way to becoming a quality starter in the NFL well into his 40s, something the immortal Brett Favre couldn’t manage. Manning managed over 60 percent of passes in all but one game this regular season, and completed more than 20 balls in a game except the game where he threw under 60 percent. He postseason has seen him throw 4 td and just one pick. We can talk about Decker, Thomas boys, Welker all day but let’s talk the X factor: defense. Yeah, let’s talk about 2nd year OLB Danny Trevathan from Kentucky. Despite having only 2 sacks all year he had 7 double digit tackling games, making his presence known by gobbling up the line and the sealing the outside. He shut down runners like Lesean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Ryan Mathews twice. All those guys are not Marshawn Lynch but all 4 rushed for over 1,000. He picked up the slack from the absence of Von Miller and championed his position. Add Robert Ayers, Shaun Philips and Malik Jackson, the pass rush and LB containment could really slow down Russell Wilson and Skittleman Lynch. As for the secondary, I just don’t think you can look last legendary Bailey at corner along with Dom Cromartie. These guys are both tied with 7 tackles each in the postseason. Dom only had 3 picks all year but deflected 14 passes , just two less than “greatest corner in the game” Sherman. Denver allows about 250 pass yards per game. Seattle throws for about 200 yards a game, very mediocre as they rely on their defense way too much. I think Dom add the likes of Champ and that defensive line can make Russell Wilson look like the mediocre quarterback he really is. The defense after all makes him look good, not to mention the 12th fan aka Loudest NFL stadium. Had the Niners game been played in San Francisco perhaps the situation differs. Overall the Seahawks are dominant at home I will give them that. Away from home they are beatable and vulnerable. Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate? I don’t think that even threatens a core of Decker, Welker and the Thomas boys. Also, what is all this talk about cold weather. Denver plays in a colder atmosphere than Seattle despite the rain and wind, but it is just as cold if not colder in the Mile High. Factor that in and Peyton Manning won’t see any insignificant dip in his play. His experience, receiving corps, Moreno run game (1000 plus) and stable D gives him what he needs so he does not need to throw 500 yards and 7 seven touchdowns. We know Seattle has the best D in points given up and takeaways and overall intimidation they give off, but can they hold the best offense to 14 points. I just don’t see a pig’s chance of that happening not on Manning’s time. And can Russell Wilson’s 200 yard a game average match a shoot out if it were to happen? Highly unlikely. He is an average skillset quarterback wih athletic moves. I’ll never harp on his height because he has moves to back it up. I just don’t think he is good enough to beat the Broncos and win a ring with Manning in his way. Give him credit where it’s due but not label him the game changer, which many are expecting him to be. So a score must be predicted to end this story and that number has been pondered a couple times, but always coming back to the Broncos winning. So in conclusion to end the 2013 NFL season and a dumb idea of playing the Super Bowl in Jersey (it’s not New York) my prediction lays at 34-16 Broncos. Read it, Watch it, take it all in!


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