Ricky Rubio

The 23 year old from Spain was making headlines as a tennager. At age 14 he was the youngest player ever to play in the Spanish ACB basketball league. At 16 he became the youngest player to compete in Euroleague basketball competition, which is an elite league of Europe’s finest teams. There is no doubt that his young prodigy talent was seen early and he was showcased doing so. June 25th 2009, Minnesota T’Wolvea took Rubio at the fifth pick. It was at this moment where the problems came to the light. Rubio was still under terms with Spanish club Joventut, and Minnesota planned on buying him out so but Rubio declined. Rubio then turned around and took a six year deal with Barcelona powerhouse , a Euroleague favorite. Through a few seasons with Joventut and Barcelona he won a few accolades and league titles but what are these titles in European basketball anyways? They are no where near the high level of basketball that is being played in America. I believe Rubio, who has always been under the shadow of his parents, peaked way to early in his career after going pro at 14 and being apart of the 2008 Olympic team. Due to this accelerated rate, the fact he snubbed the Wolves in 2009 showed that he did not have what it took for his rail thin frame and pass first no shot ability. Personally Rubio is a good point guard for the Wolves, a team with a decent offense but at the end of the day are a .500 team and won’t make the playoffs. Rubio can’t single handily point guard this team to a playoff run. His weak frame and below average jumper are 2 things to beef up for him asap! Personally he is a decent guard of the bench and he can play in the NBA , I just don’t understand what the Wolves see in him. They are a point guard away from a nice deep run in the postseason. Barea and Rubio are not the answer.


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