Warriors home against Blazers

Disappointing bench effort and poor defense allowed Minnesota to erase a 7 point deficit agains the warriors and win by a point. Kevin love chipped away and kmart added the go ahead with 8.7 second left. Curry balled out of his mind and had six threes but no defense was found from the Warriors. I’d like to see more aggressive D seeing their offense is one of the most potent in the league. Warriors beside Curry, have Klay Thompson, David Lee, Bogut, Igoudala, Jordan Crawford, Harrison Barnes , all 7 players can score double digits every night. What id like to see is put curry, Crawford , Igoudala, Lee and Bogut start the game. And as a second unit I would see kent bazemore, Klay, Barnes , green and speights. KB is a quick prolific talent and never see action besides a cutaway to see him hyping his team from the bench. Curry and Thompson are good together but Crawford is a scorer more than a PG and he would benefit as a 2 with curry. KB is a point guard first player and a decent defender. Tonight LaMarcus Aldridge needs to be contained and physically tested. I don’t think David Lee can run with him d-wise. Bogut should be able to win the matchup with Lopez down low and Curry against lillard should be fun. It comes down to the 2-3 play then. Thompson against Mathews and Andre versus Batum. Nico Batum is Mr. Intangibles as he scraps points, blocks, assists and boards every night. He is very valuable and their third most important player next to lillard and LA. I don’t think Marc Jackson will get to this preview before game time for the lineup adjustments, but just telling your team to play better D ain’t going to cut it. Personnel change needs to be in effect. Throw some curveballs against LA and even if he scores 30, box and out rebound the Blazers and that should be the deciding factor who wins the game. I expect all the regular stars to have big games as this game should be in triple digits. Looking for a Warrior win but it’ll be close !


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