Nuggets Kings Pick

Well it’s Sunday here, been a dreary, boring and not a lot of money to be made Sunday. The Heat and Spurs game was predictable knowing King James wouldn’t let the Spurs come in an seek revenge. And the Knicks Lakers game was well, a mediocre game between 2 poor teams. So tonight we have the Nugs and the Kings in Sactown. Kings have been playing great but not what they hopes after signing Rudy Gay. They have an excellent scorer in Isaiiah Thomas and a low post presence in Dmac Cousins. Everything else about this teams is mid level though. Marcus Thorton is streaky and had 42 last night but he won’t show up like that again. Jason Thompson is a good rebounding forward and plays hard but is no star. Fredette comes off the bench and shoots well but is a weak penetrator. As for the Nuggets I love their depth and scoring ability. Sac has a couple signature wins against good teams and play well at home but they are inconsistent. Ty Lawson , Randy Foye an Wilson Chandler complete the 1-3 spots and with Lawson’s leadership and pace I expect a double digit lead by half time. Faired gobbles up boards like a beast that he is and Mozgov has turned himself into quite the center with consistent play. Fournier comes off the bench with guard play, as well as flashy Nate Robinson. JJ Hickson is a double double a night kind of guy and Anthony Randolph gives you double digits and outside shooting. I just think the depth of the Nuggets and their pace won’t be countered by Sacramento’s inconsistent play.


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